Monday, November 30, 2009

Friendship bag

Friendship bag

a pop-top can of fruit or fruit cocktail

a pop-top can of Vienna sausage

a small can of juice

a package of cheese and crackers, or peanut butter and crackers

a napkin and plastic fork

a moist towelette

one all-day bus pass

change for a local phone call

a card with community contact phone numbers (crisis clinic, food bank, salvation army)

a coupon for a free shower at the local YMCA

Create and carry a few of these bags in your car and the next time you come to a stop light with a homeless person holding a sign................ you will have something wonderful to share and bring hope to those in need without having to be concerned that you will give them money that could be used for something you do not want to support.


  1. Interesting idea! I always wonder if these people are truly in need. Is this "homeless" person just lazy and manipulative like my brother? Does the person want money for drugs and alcohol or need food like the sign says? Are they out of a job like my sister, a hard working architect in Detroit, that worked for a company that went totally bankrupt and closed a year ago and still cannot find a job? She doesn't want help but is about to lose her house and has spent her life's savings. Hmmm... what could I put in a friendship bag to help?


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