Monday, October 19, 2009

Making a difference

In this photo taken Oct. 8, 2009, Derreck Kayongo displays bars of soap he has stored in the basement of his Lawrenceville, Ga., home. Kayongo has collected five tons of lightly used bars through his Global Soap Project, which melts them down, sterilizes them and reshapes them before sending them to refugees back in Uganda to help curb disease there. The soap-maker's son forced to flee a dictatorship years ago in Uganda is helping clean up his war-torn homeland, one used bar of American hotel soap at a time. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)


  1. I have three big shoe boxes of Hotel Soap, Shampoo, Hand Lotion, Hair Conditioner, Shower Caps, etc. and haven't been able to get my overindulged grandkids to take any. I think my local "Sparrow's Nest" will take them when I am back home. Does this gentleman take contributions of soap from strangers?

  2. Kacey, I am sorry I didn't see your comment sooner but I would guess that he would be delighted to have them. Another place you might consider is shelters.


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