Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Helping hand

Hubby and I have favorite seats on airplanes...him the aisle and me the window. We weren't able to achieve this seating arrangement this past week-end on our flight back from Seattle as a young man (young to us) had reserved the aisle seat. After we landed the young man jumped up and moved into the isle a couple of rows ahead of ours (a little strange and a bit rude) so hubby got up and stood in the aisle of our row. He noticed an older couple sitting in the row opposite of us and asked if they had luggage in the overhead bin; the lady said yes and after describing them, my hubby got them down for them. He held up the aisle when it was our rows turn to go and helped them out.
Yesterday entering a store with my Granddaughter she walked side by side with a older woman (older than her) rather than holding the door for her and letting her go first. I gave her a little reminder that courtesy counts.

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  1. The young man might not have had any luggage? Or maybe he put it in a bin towards the front of the plane which would be very rude. I do not appreciate pp filling up the bin above my seat when it is not their space.


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