Saturday, May 2, 2009


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1. Be happy. Before you can be kind to others you have to be kind to yourself.

2. Avoid gossiping/spreading rumors about other people.

3. Be a good listener. When talking to someone try to listen until they are done.

4. Compliment people.

5. Be yourself.

6. Start each day with a plan. Be happy by making others happy.

7. Offer to pet sit, when you know a friend is going on vacation. If you know a neighbor is sick, ask them if they need groceries, when you go food shopping.

8. Stop and talk to someone who is lonely, share a cup of coffee and pick up the bill.

9. Whatever you say, whenever you say it, do so in a calm, polite voice that is respectful to the other side.

10. Help, even if you aren't asked. You should look around to see if someone needs help and help them without prompting.

11. Make it a hobby to try every once in a while to volunteer somewhere or do something nice for other people.

12. Don't try to take credit when you're nice. There is a lot of satisfaction in watching someone do something because you've helped him when he doesn't know he's been helped.

Feel free to add more "Steps To Kindness" in the comments or share an event of kindness in your life.

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  1. These are all good but number three really strikes a cord with me. How many people pay a psyciatrist just to have someone listen to them. What a special gift to give free:)


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